Comprehensive line of foundation drilling and pile driving equipment manufactured for reliability and productivity in the USA. Short mast and standard mast drills to 252,000 ft-lbs.

World leader in LP (low profile) canister drill technology to 144”. High performance full face down hole drills to 38”. Revolutionary RotoLoc casing advancement system to 40”.

Complete range of high quality carbide cutting tools including casing teeth and traditional foundation drilling consumables made in Germany.

The world’s premiere manufacturer of jet grouting tooling and drilling accessories with more than 30 years of experience in the design and production of complete jet grouting systems.

The Wassara technology uses water to power the down-the- hole (DTH) percussion hammer. This makes it the superior choice for many drilling applications where air-powered DTH hammer, top hammer or rotary drilling equipment are normally used.

A market leader in high-pressure triplex pumps, mixing plants, combined jet mixing & injection plants and storage equipment for jet grouting and soil mixing, tunneling and directional drilling applications.

Manufacturer of high quality drilling attachments. Dinamic oil has 50 years of experience developing gear products. Offering new technology such as our integrated torque monitoring system “Energi”

Clivio specializes in the manufacturer of grouting pumps, triplex pumps, mixers and grouting accessories. Clivio’s premiere line includes complete fully automated high capacity grout mixing systems and high pressure grout injection pumps.

Extensive line of affordable grouting equipment manufactured for high efficiency and ease of operation and maintenance.

Best quality foundation drilling tools including augers, core barrels, buckets, CFA and utility tools with capacity to 15’ diameter and 3” thick.

Extensive line of excavator mounted drill masts including the MD line for self-drilling anchor, the DM line for micropiles and anchors and the DT145 telescoping mast with a 43’ stroke.

Full range of best in the business carbide teeth and tool holder blocks for all of your drilling needs. Kennemetal

The global leader in synthetic polymer slurries and stabilization systems for the construction of deep earth excavations including drilled shafts, diaphragm walls and tunnels.

Complete line of micropile and anchor drills from the tight access MDT40K to the MDT300V. Engineered to be tough and easy to maintain.

Sectional Casing (metric and imperial), tremie systems, drill rods, air swivels and other drilling accessories all manufactured in Assonet, MA. Drillers' Choice, maintains an extensive rental fleet of foundation drills, augers, core barrels, and Center Rock LP canister drills.